3 candles

Candle 3 Pack


This pack of 3 is an assortment of scents.  It contains 1 Lavender, 1 Lemongrass and 1 Ylang Ylang candle.

Product Description

Dim the lights, set the mood, and relax…

Let our certified organic candles transport you to a place of tranquility and bliss.

Put your mind, body, and soul at ease, while the beautiful aroma of these chemical-free candles fills your home.

Our candles burn clean.  No need to worry about inhaling anything unsavory.  Peaceful Living is a company that you can trust.  Our certification is proof positive that what we put on our ingredient list is 100% accurate.

You can see all of our ingredients by clicking the “Ingredients” tab, but first let me tell you what is NOT in our candles, that is in many other candles on the market :

-There is ABSOLUTELY NO Paraffin wax.  Paraffin wax is a by product of diesel fuel and not something that you want to be inhaling!
-There are NO synthetic fragrances.  Synthetic fragrances are made in a lab to Mimic a certain scent.  They are engineered by chemists, and usually contain dangerous chemicals.  OUR CANDLES use 100% certified organic grade A therapeutic essential oils!
-Our candles DO NOT use ANY lead wicks.  Our wicks are made from certified organic cotton imported from Peru.

When you light up a Peaceful Living candle, you can truly relax, and we hope that you do.

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Additional information

Weight 9 oz


  • Organic Beeswax*
  • Organic Coconut Oil*
  • Organic Palm Oil*
  • Organic essential oils*
  • Organic Cotton Wick*

*100% certified organic ingredients


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