Our Company


Peaceful Living™ is a company that is dedicated to creating and offering the highest quality organic bath and body products for our customers.

We decided to start this company after finding out how many potentially harmful chemicals there are in products that millions of people are using every day!

Just like most people, we spent the majority of our lives using items that contain these chemicals, and we didn’t even know it!  That is because for many of these items, such as bar soaps and candles, it is not illegal to deliberately leave out these chemicals on the ingredient list.

The more research we did, the more frustrated we became. 

Eventually, we sat down and started talking about ways that we could make a difference.  We wanted to promote health and well-being, inform the public about the hidden and potentially harmful ingredients in their personal care products, and also offer an alternative, high quality, safe, luxurious and ORGANIC option to the chemical-filled products currently dominating the markets.

And out of all this, Peaceful Living™ was born!


Our Mission


Here at Peaceful Living™ , we have several missions:

1. To spread awareness of the potentially harmful chemicals that are present in so many products, yet are omitted from the ingredient lists of these products.

2. To provide our customers with Organic, luxurious, and high-quality alternatives that do not contain ANY of the harmful ingredients present in many products currently on the market.


Our Products


USDA Organic Deodorants

USDA Organic Bar Soap

USDA Organic Candles